Friday, August 8, 2008

Shock Doctrine

[Note: I'm still on a restricted blogging schedule. Currently in New Mexico where internet service is spotty at best. Besides it's summertime! Enjoy while you can!]

Naomi Klein is deservedly well-known for her exegesis of The Shock Doctrine as it has been used by [Milton] Friedmanites and various and sundry neo-cons and their fellow travelers to dismantle the Republic and destroy the Constitution while financially profiting from their perfidy.

True enough. And we see it in full cry with the current DRILL!!! DRILL!!!! DRILL!!!!!™ hysteria.

However, the shock doctrine works both ways. Like the flag and like religion, it's not the sole property of the spittle flecked wingnuts.

Seems to me there's an opportunity for our side to use it as well.

Just saying.

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  1. How, precisely? I'm always interested in finding out how to hoist the opposition on their own petards.