Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marxist! -- WTF??!

They've gone totally off the rails, totally.

This whole notion that Obama is some kind of Marxist who will turn the nation into a Socialist/Communist/Maoist/Stalinist Hell has reached epic proportions among the wingnuts. George W Bush and Dick "I'll shoot you in the face" Cheney are more Marxist (not to mention totalitarian) than Obama has ever hinted at being.

And yet the wingnuts and their manipulators are constantly "arguing" -- if you want to call it that -- that Obama and Pelosi and Reid are some kind of Unholy Trinity who are eager to hand the nation over the the Soviet Union, to fly the Red Flag and parade around in Red Square.

(The last time I paraded around Red Square was at the University of Washington. Their Red Square is eminently paradeable.)

Is it complete lunacy or is it something else?

I'd sure like to see any, you know, evidence of Obama's Marxist orientation.

But that would be allowing reality to intrude on reverie.

Never mind.

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