Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Next up on the NeoLiberal chopping block

Social Security and Medicare, of course.

There is an Entitlement Reform confab hosted by the White House on February 23, featuring such long time friends of Social Security as Jim Cooper, Judd Gregg, Kent Conrad, and so forth, to be spearheaded by Peter Orszag, OMB Director, whose plan for SS has long been to cut benefits and raise retirement ages.

No doubt the privatizers will re-emerge from their long hibernation (at least since George Bush's failed effort at privatization in 2005), and once again, Josh Marshall will lead the charge to "Leave Social Security Alone!" Right? Right?

This "Reform" confab has been on the agenda for quite some time, and yet, oddly, Josh has been almost completely silent on the issue. Quite the contrast to his constant drumbeat against the Bush Privatizers. Digby and Jane have been the clearest and loudest -- and most suspicious -- voices in the Blogosphere regarding the Obama campaign for "reforming" entitlements.

But the NeoLiberal plan pretty much requires the gutting of Social Security, the elimination of Medicare. It's all part of the package of Restructuring.

The bovine indifference to what is going on -- despite all the people running around with their hair on fire -- is truly astonishing...

More to come.


  1. Now is not the time to be talking about this. What types like you don't understand is that politics is a game and you have to play on our team to win! And that means supporting the coach and our players on the field with our hope for change! Jane and Digby and me will support Obama no matter what he does because of the hope for change Obama has give us in this the most historical progressive era ever in history.

  2. Jane and Digby and me will support Obama no matter what he does

    Uh, Mr. Denny,

    Have you actually read Digby or Jane about Mr. Obama?

    Just about any leftish blogger regarding Mr. Obama?

    Just wondering...