Thursday, May 14, 2009

A reminder

Franken isn't in the Senate, and Lieberman is.

Franken may get a meeting with Joe Biden, but Lieberman has the ear of The President.

It was Lieberman, along with his pal Little Lindsey, who convinced Obama to withhold the additional photos of abuse of captives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And this man (and his spawn) is on my teevee all the time now, when he couldn't be bothered to show his face or reveal his location during most of the Bushevik reign of error.

He -- and she -- is on the teevee so often, it seems, that as far as the newsreaders are concerned, he IS (still) the Vice President. This is not an honorific in their eyes, this is an actuality. The man never left office as far as they know, and given the control he apparently still has over the levers of government power, who's to say they're wrong?


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