Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here We Go Again

As everybody knows, the Teabaggers had -- and for the most part still have -- free rein in this country to upset and disrupt whatever and whomever they want, when and where they want. The police look the other way. They will not and have no intention of interfering, even when the Baggers are overt and threatening.

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, the authorities are getting ready to protect and defend the G20 reps from any and all discommoding by the DFHs, to crush dissent, to gas, to bludgeon, to mass arrest with abandon.

Read this story:

Massive police buildup for Pittsburgh G20 summit
By Samuel Davidson
24 September 2009

A massive police buildup is well underway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as thousands of police, National Guard, FBI, secret service and other law enforcement officials flood into the city in preparation for the G20 summit Thursday and Friday.

Sixty police departments from across Pennsylvania and the region have sent officers to the city. Pittsburgh officials have not revealed how many have actually come, but the city said it needed 4,000 police to provide security for the two-day event. Pittsburgh’s 900 police officers have been put on 12-hour shifts, and all vacation and leave have been canceled.

In addition to local police, 1,200 Pennsylvania state police and 2,500 National Guard troops have been mobilized and brought into the city.

The White House has declared the summit a National Special Security Event (NSSE), placing security under the control of the US Secret Service. For months, Secret Service agents have been in Pittsburgh planning for the event. Closed circuit television cameras have been placed throughout the city.

A bunker-command center has been set up at an undisclosed location, manned 24 hours a day; agents from the various departments monitor the television screens and coordinate the activities of the law enforcement agencies.

In addition to police, several thousand private security guards have come to the city. Some are providing security for the numerous delegations, while others have been hired by hotels and businesses to provide security.

Pittsburgh has taken on something of the appearance of a city in a war zone. Four-foot-high concrete barriers have been placed in front of most office buildings and on street corners to block off traffic.

And so on and so on and so on.

Let us ask why Americans permit this disparity of the imposition of authority.

How is it that armed and dangerous Teabaggers can do anything they want, anywhere, at any time, and there is no preventative police action at all, but the mere thought of the assembly of a few unarmed DFHs to protest anything, anywhere leads to massive police presence, lockdown, tear gas and batons?

Screwed up much?

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