Friday, October 2, 2009

They're not like us

This is how they live:

It's a relatively new house in McLean, Virginia (suburban DC) now on the market listed at $17,000,000. This is the kind of price you expect in entertainment and finance communities, but in Washington?

We don't live like this because we can't afford to on the one hand, and many of us wonder why anyone would want to live like this on the other. And no, this is not one of Saddam's palaces. It's a suburban palace in McLean.

Too opulent? Well, try this one, only $15,000,000:

Still too luxe? Well, try this one, only $5,000,000:

All these properties are in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland area. They're just a sample of the newer manors and mansions and palaces that have been built in the area the last few years to house the hoity and the toity. There are many, many more older manses and demesnes all over DC and the areas surrounding it that have long housed Old Money People who, in America, believe it is their right to rule. Their wealth and their position convey automatic Power.

And Our Government is their servant. Specifically their servant, not yours or mine.

The entire population could rise as one tomorrow (but of course they won't) and still "Our Government" would be "Their Government," because 1) they demand it; and 2) they believe they bought and paid for it.

We've seen the crippling corruption of the Congress and the White House practically every day that Health Care Reform has been addressed or discussed. It is mindboggling to see Our Government -- which is really Theirs -- consistently dismiss the interests of the People in pursuit of abundant campaign cash from people who live like the would be seigneurs for whom these estates were built.

And yet, that's America today.

Time for tumbrils and guillotines?

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