Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona Secession

The State of Arizona is for all intents and purposes shutting down, and is in the slow motion process of seceding from the Union. This has been clear to me as I've traveled across the state numerous times over the last few years. In previous posts, I've noted that the Interstate 40 rest stops are closed, most of the state parks are closed, and the state is motivated to sell its state buildings to raise cash. In addition, Arizona recently passed an open concealed carry gun law that essentially removes any restriction on the acquisition and open carrying of concealed firearms anywhere in the state under any circumstances without a permit.

All that, followed by the recent "Show Your Papers or Go To Jail" law -- which ultimately may never go into force, but we'll see -- is a form of defiance that comes naturally to some Arizonans, but which flies in the face of a developing national conscience and consensus about some basic principles of living together in a civilized society.

Arizona dissents.

Says, "Fuck you." The State Motto.

The point here is that the old (white) farts that have proliferated there don't want to pay taxes, don't think they should have to, don't want to follow rules imposed on them, and they are refusing to conform to the developing basic rules of American society. They are declaring their Independence from a society, and ultimately from a country, they loathe and despise, and they are in essence defying anyone to do anything about it.

The precipitating cause is the Endless Recession that Arizonans have no easier way of escaping than anyone else, but perhaps the model is that Cranky Old "Get Off My Lawn" Man, Sen. McCain. Who does nothing much but crab, complain, fuss, and preen on the TeeVee whenever he gets the chance.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been flirting with the Secessionists since the election of that Colored Man to the Presidency. Of course many other Southerners like to toy with Secessionist hoo-hah; it's what they do. It's who they are. But what's going on in Arizona, while as White Supremacist as anything in Dixie, is not from that same animus. Instead, Arizonans are acting on their Old West cussedness. It's their animosity toward being told what to do, or being prevented from doing what they want. Cf: Old Man McCain.

They continue on this route, Arizona will indeed secede. Set itself up as an independent republic (of some sort). The Devil take the hindmost.

Contrast with New Mexico next door, where the Neo-Liberal government of Bill Richardson and the Democrats (Dems all the way down) has decided to "stay the course" as it were, by taxing the poor. Smart. Some budget cuts, program tweaking, hours reduced, etc. But most everything is still open, the Welcome mat is still out, and things are going on pretty much the way they always have, only now shoppers are paying a sales tax on food and cigarettes cost $7 a pack and so on.

The point being to raise the cost of living for those least able to afford it, and to do everything possible to ensure the continued comfort and convenience for the rich.

A Del Webb community has just opened in Bernalillo. The first and so far only in New Mexico. Arizona is creeping into New Mexico, and I wonder if the locals have any idea....

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