Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where the Cheneys At?

Where are the Cheneys, Father and Daughter, who used to be on all the shows all the time roasting Obama over hot coals and spitting venom at all and sundry. Haven't seen hide nor hair of either of them for months.

Where are they and what are they up to?

Of course they may feel they don't need to be on the Warpath for the time being because so much of what they said was necessary for the Government to do -- ie: protecting the Cheneys asses first and foremost, preserving and extending unlawful Bush Era power grabs and autocracy secondarily, blasting Muslims to pink mist whenever the spirit moved them -- has pretty much been instituted in whole or in part. In other words, the Cheneys spent most of 2009 running around screaming that there were a bunch of wusses in the White House and we we all gonna DIE! And then they stopped.

Quiet as mice they are.

But since most of their demands have been met, what do they have to yowl about?

This is how the Good Emperor Barack has chosen to rule, and for him, I think it has been fairly effective. For the rest of creation, not so much.

The Wars continue unabated, though troop presence in Iraq is being reduced in order to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. Pakistan is still under attack from drones. Same with Somalia and the Yemen. Threats and imprecations against Iran have, if anything, redoubled, and plenty of diplomatic double-crossing is the order of the day (viz: the deal brokered with Iran by Brazil and Turkey and denounced by DeeCee, even though it is what was wanted by the Palace.) Indefinite detention and rigorous interrogation of terror suspects is the policy position of the White House as detailed in the latest National Security Strategy statement, so the dismissal of the Constitution and the tyranny of the Bush years continues without a break. There is no investigation, let alone prosecution, of the criminals who infested the White House in the previous administration, military commissions have resumed in Guantanamo, and not only that, but Government attorneys at the DoJ and DoD seem happy as clams, unlike the case under the Bush/Cheney regime when at least some of them would resign rather than put up with more tyrannical impositions. They don't do that any more. Indeed, lawyers who defend terror suspects are now to be investigated, intimidated, and thwarted from doing their jobs as a matter of DoD policy. YAY! The banksters are fatter and happier than ever, oil is gushing uncontrolled into the Gulf of Mexico and the People are groaning under a heavier and heavier burden of poverty and despair. Social Security and Medicare are about to be cut, and everyone is about to be forced to carry private health care insurance, adding further to the People's burdens.

What's not to like?

So why should the Cheneys have to emerge from their undisclosed lairs?

They got what they wanted just by barking and growling some on the teevee.


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