Saturday, September 4, 2010


So I open today's paper, and what do I see but the latest "We're working on it, really!" trial balloon from our rulers with regard to the, erm, unemployment problem we've been having now for years.

Having apparently discovered that telling the masses over and over again that "it could be worse" doesn't cut it, they've figured out they have to do something. And being the clever dicks they are they've apparently seized upon Robert Reich's "payroll tax holiday" idea and are floating it around before Labor Day to see who looks up.

Except... what the fuck do they think they are doing by suggesting that such a payroll tax holiday -- if there were to be one -- would only apply to employers, not employees?

They are seriously deranged if they think that either this will win them any votes or that it will do fuck-all for employment or the economy.

It is inconceivable.

Worse than Hoover. Truly.

At this point, all the Rs have to do is throw any kind of bone to the ravening masses -- the masses that Congress and the White House has been ignoring for years as they continue to suck up to the MOTU -- and the Rs win.

Which many people have speculated is the outcome desired by the Administration, but I don't know.

This latest proposal is just crazy.

Of course they will deny there was any such proposal, claim that "everything is on the table," and that "no decisions have been made yet," yadda, yadda, the way they always do, and then do what they intended all along, which is essentially somewhat less than Hoover would.

One assumes they know how this will play among the People.

Not well.

So. We'll watch them circle the drain.

I for one don't like what I see.


  1. ``WTF?``

    Exactly my reaction to Abba. Different strokes, I guess.


    We're so far down the rabbit-hole that I wouldn't even be surprised if the "payroll tax holiday" (employers-only edition) gets passed.....

    .....By the Democratic majority, after the election. (Only after Barry comes out and regurgitates some mealy-mouthed speech-like-substance, vaguely alluding to the subtle and Serious compromises at work inside the sausage factory — and never explicitly acknowledging any backtracking from previously stated positions, no matter how glaringly they contradict the current ones. You know how it'll go down: the "holiday" will be presented as the means by which the employer-beneficiaries will ramp up hiring again..... trickle-down, right down the center of the body politic's left leg (or are we, collectively, reduced to prosthesis status?)

  2. Arren,

    Every time I watch an ABBA video, I say, "WTF??!!" It's almost impossible to believe they've made billions of dollars... but there you are. ABBA are an industry.

    As for the Dems, it's pathetic watching them continue to play to their erstwhile constituency -- ie: the Money Interests.

    The only explanation I can come up with is that they expect to receive handsome sinecures when they're thrown out on their asses.