Sunday, July 24, 2011

Injecting the Poison

Of course, not having cable teevee, I don't follow the cable teevee "news." It would be a waste of time in any case.

Instead, I've been following the Oslo Thing on the web, primarily by accessing the NRKtv website -- as well as some other Norwegian news sites and BBC -- and running it through the Google Translator. It's not that good for text, and of course it's no good at all for video, but it's good enough to at least get a picture of what's going on, who the players are, and how they see their role in what has turned into a hideous tragic drama.

Of course, prominent among the players is the culprit (sometimes his role is translated by the Google as "vermin," how droll). That is quite obviously by his design. I have not read the 1,500 page manifesto that was published online yesterday (they say most of it is in English), but I did see -- and eventually watch the video he posted Friday on YouTube just before he went on his killing spree. (I had to go to the after hours clinic yesterday for some diagnosis and medication, which I'll cover in another post).

Yes. Well. Supposedly, YouTube has taken down the original video posting from the culprit, but it lives on in several other posts by those who captured it before it was removed. Obviously, quite a lot of work went into it, though it does seem to end abruptly, as if its creator hadn't quite completed it. It's in English. Apparently much of his online life was conducted in English, pretty much the Lingua Franca of the West in any case. It consists largely of text and romantic illustrations of the Crusades and Crusaders (with the Muslim hordes depicted pretty much the way Jews were depicted in Europe up to and including the Period of Unpleasantness that encompassed WWII).

Parts of the text are not readable on the YouTube because they are too small, but one gets the gist, and it is quite a poisonous gist at that.

Which is not to say Dude is whack, although he may be.

Far more poisonous would his tract be if he were quite sane, which I suspect he is. A murderous "sanity" to be sure, but would one want to claim that pre-Nazi Europe (and essentially all the rest of the West) was whack because of the deep-seated fear of the Other, characterized by The Joooz, that was rampant in those days?

The case could be made, I suppose, but I think it would ultimately collapse of its own dead-weight. Being wrong doesn't mean you're crazy, in other words. It means you're wrong.

But if your error turns into mass murder, what then? Well, I would say that in most cases -- not all -- that makes the perpetrator both wrong and murderous. Not insane.

In most cases. There are exceptions.

The poisonous screed on the YouTube is delivered in four "chapters" I guess you could call them, the first denouncing "cultural Marxism" and the supposed overthrow of European culture (supremacy?) in the "1968 Marxist Revolution."

Interesting. 1968. That was a seminal year to be sure, and rebellion and revolt (but "revolution?") certainly wracked Europe that spring and summer, much as it did nearly everywhere else in the world, including Red China. There was a horrible massacre in Mexico City in 1968, something like 1,500 protesting university students shot down by troops brought in to "keep order." There was much tumult everywhere, most of it driven by the rising of the Young against the repression of the Old. It was a generational revolt in other words, of the Post War generation against their rigidly conformist parents. "Marxist" in that the rebels were largely informed by Marxist criticism of the capitalist system -- yes? So? The point being at the time that Marxist thought was widely suppressed in the West by government policy. The Cold War, don't you know. And so Marxism was something of esoteric or secret knowledge that young people were "discovering" during the era, knowledge that young people were finding very trenchant given the materialism and error of the day.

But it's hard to characterize the revolts and rebellions of 1968 as "revolutions" on the one hand, or ideologically "Marxist" on the other. Some of the rebellions (Czechoslovakia, anyone?) were decidedly anti-Marxist. What the rebellions universally were about, what they all shared in common, was a call for "liberation" from the errors and strictures of the past.

In other words, they were liberationist revolts not strictly ideological revolutions, and they were only partially successful and only in some areas. In others, they were suppressed with much bloodshed and brutality (such as in Mexico). And in still others, such as in China, the spirit and energy of the rebellion was channeled by the State into what was known as the Cultural Revolution -- which was basically an inversion of "liberation." And just as bloody and brutal as anything states in the west were unleashing on the rebels, though it was all inverted in China so that the "rebels" were acting on behalf of the State to brutalize and get rid of the left-over counter-revolutionaries and capitalist roaders who were accused under the principles of The Revolution. Such are the directions "liberation" can take.

But the notion that somehow "cultural Marxism" was triumphant in Europe in 1968 and thus European culture -- the very idea of European culture -- was somehow destroyed that year by the Revolution is... deeply, fundamentally wrong. Daft. In a word. No such thing happened. The point the culprit is trying to make but failing to (because I don't think he knows what happened) is that the current multi-culturalist approach to social organization that you see in Europe and elsewhere is... threatening... to a minority of Euro-Ethnic-Centric peoples (ie: Militant White Folk) who are always living in fear of the Hordes of mostly Brown Folks who would slaughter them in their beds -- if they could. This is like Doctrine to a minority of often violent White Folk who believe for some reason that everyone else in the world is Out to Get Them.

Perhaps it's genetic.

Or something else.

At any rate, those who peddle this view of the world and history are busy injecting poison into the social and political bloodstream. It isn't just the mass murderers, either.

The Murdochs are masters at injecting poison into the media bloodstream; there are movie-makers who do it in entertainment, bloggers whose whole online persona is wrapped up in injecting and spreading poison. I don't go to movies anymore because so many of them are full of horror and gratuitous violence and bloodshed, so much so that they have become almost the only cinematic means of achieving objectives. It's poisonous. So it is with various websites I no longer visit. So it is with various political and social "movements."

And so it is with the Norwegian mass murderer.

His whole point is to inject the poison of his beliefs and watch the reaction.

It is monstrous in the extreme.

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