Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anglo-American Fascist Forecast

NATO’s Nazi Beginnings: How the West implemented Hitler’s goals  

Over at Willy Loman's Place, there is a link to an illuminating article by Robert S. Rodvik, of the Voltaire Network. Anyone who's familiar with Operation Paperclip and the origins of the CIA and MK Ultra and the rest of the shadow Anglo-American government (much of which we really know almost nothing about even now) will find the story of the origins and international intentions of NATO and other defense alliances and their relationship to fascist and Nazi programs -- indeed, their continuation of those programs -- to be familiar territory.

But the deep seated fascism of Our Governments and its Shadows is not widely recognized or appreciated. The idea that much of the infrastructure and superstructure of governments and international alliances that we take for granted -- or don't think of at all -- today came out of the adoption of Nazi and fascist policies and programs by Western powers after World War II seems bizarre and creepy at first glance.

And yet, there it is.

Not only were policies and programs adopted, so were personnel in many cases.

The outcome of WWII is still with us of course, but what lies behind the almost instantaneous transformation of the West, particularly the Anglo-American axis, into a Cold War with the Soviet Union and an endless litany of little hot wars everywhere to stem the tide of the International Communist Conspiracy is little understood.

That story is yet to be told in detail. It is another curtain still to be pulled back.

A BBC video from 1992 on just a part of it:

And here is The Stimulator on AntiFa and the Greek Thing: (Note: Foul Language and generally rebellious behavior)

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