Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow For the New Year

Our Place in Snow

That's actually a picture I took last Christmas.

It looks about the same outside now except that the clouds haven't cleared yet, though the sun is starting to poke through on the east.

I spent a winter in Anchorage and several winters in Upstate New York, so snow is not entirely unfamiliar to me, but it's still a treat when it happens, especially around the holidays.

Happy New Year!


  1. Snow is not a treat in March. Or in February. Nor in May.

  2. Haven't thought about it that way, I guess. But you're right.

    Snow doesn't bother me all that much, though. What I hate is ice, like getting stuck outside in an ice storm as happened to me repeatedly in Rochester and Syracuse and Ithaca and... of course if I wasn't such a damfool, I wouldn't have gone out in the first place!