Saturday, January 19, 2013

There's Your Trouble...


Until I saw the post over at Digby's Place, I wasn't aware of the active conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook Massacre. I had no idea that MaoSatanHitler King Obama had staged the whole thing so as to enable the confiscation of your firearms (and mine, for that matter -- even though we gave away the guns we had before we moved [they were props, people, in shows we did...]), which is what all governments seek to do in order to establish tyranny; confiscate the guns first, then set up Socialism/Nazi/Commonist rule.

Now that I know it was all staged, and the whole point of it was to kill some kids to get the guns -- talk about Shock Doctrine, eh? -- I'm just gobsmacked.

Would they do this?

Of course they would. Eagerly and with bells on. The problem with the Conspiracy Theory in this case is that Our Rulers are not at all concerned about whether you and I have firearms, and they seem to enjoy the spectacles of the seemingly random massacres.

The massacres (always by Lone Gunmen, of course) are wonderful fear generators, aren't they?  

And always, despite the calls and the urge to Do Something about the slaughter, nothing is done. Haven't you noticed? When even a member of Congress is subject to the Lone Gunman Bloodfest and nothing is done about it then it should be obvious -- OBVIOUS -- that Our Rulers see benefit to themselves in continuing the slaughter and especially the threat of random slaughter among the common herd indefinitely.

Your guns will not be confiscated therefore. In fact, you'll be urged to get more of them as fast as you possibly can.

Even with HiltlerStalinObama's 23 Executive Orders on Gun Violence, we are unlikely to see a curb on the number of those who die by gunfire in this country, a number equivalent to that in a nation enduring civil war. And random slaughter will continue as long as it is useful.

And Conspiracy Theories will continue just as long as they are useful for keeping those susceptible to them ensnared.

Wheels within wheels, indeed.


  1. The thing is, when one of my crazy conspiracy minded co-workers or acquaintances asks me the question, "You don't think Obama loses any sleep over a bunch of dead children do you?" I can't honestly say that I think he does.

    Incidentally, here in sunny Florida, people never use "Nazi" its always Obama's Marxist Agenda. I never tell them that I'm a fiendish water flouridator, myself, or that I feel somewhat insulted at having Obama called a Marxist.

    The thing is, the Rightists, even as they spout the most ridiculous Koch Brother financed propaganda always seem to know, in their guts, that Obama doesn't care about people. In that, they are somewhat ahead of Obama's fans.

  2. I used to point out that Obama is the grandson of a banker, and if anyone wonders why he is like he is, there's your answer.

    There's a stone sculpture in front of what's still called the Bank of America Tower in San Francisco popularly known as "Banker's Heart."

    But for some reason, many people don't want to make the connection between what Obama does and... who he is...

  3. Also, this: Obama's mom worked for or under or indirectly for Peter Geithner.

    From October 1978 to December 1980, Dunham was a rural industries consultant in Central Java on the Indonesian Ministry of Industry's Provincial Development Program (PDP I), funded by USAID in Jakarta and implemented through Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI).[40][46]
    From January 1981 to November 1984, Dunham was the program officer for women and employment in the Ford Foundation's Southeast Asia regional office in Jakarta.[40][46] While at the Ford Foundation, she developed a model of microfinance which is now the standard in Indonesia, a country that is a world leader in micro-credit systems.[48] Peter Geithner, father of Tim Geithner (who later became U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in her son's administration), was head of the foundation's Asia grant-making at that time.[49]


  4. Hmm, didn't know that.

    I know there's this huge conspiracy theory about the Grandfather being CIA, masquerading as a furniture salesman, recruiting Obama's father from Kenya during the independence uprising and all that. It would make a great movie.

    But the stories I've seen about the mother seem more mundane. Mostly that she was really very busy with her anthropology projects and other things while Obama was growing up and so he was primarily raised by the grandparents. The grandmother -- the banker -- being the key figure.

    The Geithner involvement with the mother, though, is an interesting twist.

    Wheels within wheels....