Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Russell Brand Demolishes the Thatcher "Legacy"

Russell Brand

Perhaps my early apathy and indifference are a result of what Thatcher deliberately engendered, the idea that "there is no such thing as society," that we are alone on our journey through life, solitary atoms of consciousness.

This was a point of view I always attributed to The Iron Bitch's great friend, the Sainted Ronald Reagan, only rephrased to say "There's no such thing as the public interest." The sentiment obviously came from the shopkeeper's daughter, though, not from the addled reactionary in the White House.

Brand has much more to say. It's at HuffPo which I usually don't read or link to, but in this case, an exception is warranted.

"Ding, dong, the Bitch is dead!"

The question is, why do such wretched people live to a ripe old age while so many of the good die so very young? Is this some kind of cruel divine joke? Hm.

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