Monday, May 20, 2013

Steps in the Right Direction

In contrast to the constant litany of nay-saying and protecting the status quo that leads us ever farther away from a Better Future, the co-operative movement is one of many steps taking place all over the country and the world that's leading in the right direction.

More and more, Our Betters are living in their own bubble world of fiction and finance, where their rewards come automatically, without work or reason. Their goal is to become immortal spectators as the world and ultimately the Universe revolves around them, providing them with endless amusement, wealth, and power with no effort whatsoever on their part. To become Gods, in a word.

Some believe they have reached that status already or that it is surely within their grasp.

On the other hand, more and more of the People are coming to the realization that we don't need Our Betters and their quest for personal divinity in order for us to live fulfilling, rewarding, and (relatively) abundant lives. Co-operatives, communes, intentional and transitional communities of all different kinds, alternatives to the perpetuation of decline, are cropping up seemingly everywhere. Many of them simply reject the System of exploitation and destruction that has served the predators very well for the past many years. Others have learned how to work that System, or at least its margins, to their own benefit.

Whatever the case, the alternatives are out there. More of them all the time.

Building a Better Future for all will come through those efforts, not through pleading with the Ruling Class or through participation in their shams and cons.

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