Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So... uh... What Kind of Future Do We Really Want, Anyway?

This summer's shark fest is coming to a close with what could turn into an Apocalyptic Bang if all of the mutual threats and imprecations attendant upon the looming Syrian Aktion are realized. Bombast and chest thumping are the order of the day. Who will do what to whom is being wildly speculated upon. The leering joy of more bloodletting and the Miracle of Death From Above is taking over the mainstream newsrooms -- all of which are getting ready for the Labor Day holiday. If this doesn't turn out well, and quickly, there will be hell to pay.

Needless to say, for the hapless Syrians, hell will be paid as it has been paid throughout their civil war, no matter what they do or don't do. The Syrians are the sacrifice to the gods of war. The gods who overwhelm the common sense and sensibility of the High and the Mighty. Their bloodlust is never fully slaked. More and ever more must die, their blood must flow in the streets like water. To do less is to have less, and to have less is to have nothing.

Another hell will open up for the rest of us, and the glee about it in newsrooms and boardrooms couldn't be merrier. To subject the Rabble, any Rabble, but especially the American Rabble, to yet more fear, more uncertainty, more doubt, and to inflict yet more misery on so many more millions is the greatest joy of The Powers That Be. They feed on the misery of the millions. They flourish when misery is sustained.

The thing of it is that people by and large are so highly adaptable that once the initial shock of whatever fresh hell is imposed on them fades, most people -- or rather, enough people -- become inured enough to their misery to carry on. Oh yes.

This was the insight about human nature Our Rulers had so very long ago, and it is why they are Our Rulers and we are merely The Rabble. They know they can inflict practically anything on the Rabble and get away with it. They know the Rabble, by and large, or at least enough of them, will carry on no matter what the Rulers do.

The restive Rabble may -- will -- complain, but no one who matters need pay attention, as has been proved over and over again. The Rabble will do nothing -- let me repeat that, nothing -- the Masters of the Universe need fret more than a moment over, and at any sign the Rabble might do something, it's fun (yes, fun) for the Rulers' goons and henchmen to don their Robo-Gear and battle with the seething, impotent masses with gas and truncheon and bullets, "rubber" or solid metal. They love it.

Any Movement that might turn into something that must be paid attention to can be -- will be -- crushed like a bug, if not through violence in the streets, then through infiltration, disruption, and internal dissention. There is always entrapment, too. And oh, the Show Trials!

Not to forget "cognitive infiltration" and the use of cognitive dissonance and propaganda to induce submission and compliance. 

All these things, and many more, are tools and tactics of the Ruling Class to control the Rabble so that they may be more fully and completely exploited, and if their exploitation proves less beneficial to the Rulers than they would like, elimination by stealth and strategy -- and sometimes by Death From Above -- is the likely outcome.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

The Rabble is less than human, typically less valuable than cattle.

That's where we are, that's where we've been.

How do we build a better future on the inevitable wreckage?

Make no mistake, there is already wreckage here in the USofGD and around the world. For whatever reason -- I know not, I care not -- TPTB prefer the Rabble to subsist amid the ruins and for them to be unable or unwilling to perform any sort of lasting restoration or repair. 

The only rebuilding allowed is for the sole benefit of the High and the Mighty. Soon, it will be only for the very Highest of the Mighty.

If we think about that part of the equation alone, it's quite easy to comprehend the parasitical nature of Our Rulers, and to recognize -- without excuses and rationalizations -- that they have no interest whatever in the Public Good. Such notions as the Public Good are simply seen as antithetical to their own well being.

Should the People spontaneously engage in rebuilding on their own account, we can be certain that their efforts will be expropriated or destroyed, either directly by the parasitical class, or indirectly through their many agents provocateur and willing accomplices seeded throughout the rebel Rabble.

So what do we do?

The revolutionary efforts of the past simply will not work against the Powers of the present, as any toiler in those fields should recognize by now. Why are we constantly advised by Our Betters to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King and the Sainted Mahatma if we want to "accomplish change" for the better? Why do you suppose only the efforts of King and Mahatma are highlighted for the instruction of the Rabble?

Few ever ask why. I propose that the reason why those are the only efforts allowed for instructional purposes is that they are the ones Our Betters believe they can counter most effectively with the intention of never letting that sort of rebellion succeed again.


Our Rulers are not, as it happens, as stupid as the Bourbons. They were severely outclassed by the Indian Independence and Civil Rights Movements and they will never again allow that to happen to them. So, of course, they will insist that the Only Way Forward for Change (If That's What You Want) is through repetition of actions that can't work anymore.


Something else is necessary; they know what will work (even as they take steps to protect themselves and their powers from those efforts) but they want to make sure we, the Rabble, never know what it is.

This blog does not exist to inform the Revolutionary Movement how to proceed to Victory. That is for the younger Revolutionaries to figure out for themselves. The only thing I would add to this line of thought is "never underestimate the lengths to which the Ruling Class will go to preserve, protect, and defend their rule. Never."

No, my emphasis is on Building a Better Future for All, and history shows that's the harder part.

I would point out, however,  that we have no friends among the Mighty. None. It's long past time to get over the notion that Someone Among the Mighty Will Rescue Us. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. Anyone who claims they will is a fraud.

We will be told over and over again that we are ourselves incapable of creating or rebuilding on a foundation we ourselves undertake to construct. We will be told we are too stupid, too weak, too disorganized and so forth. We will tell ourselves that is the truth.

We do it now.

What kind of future, nevertheless, do we want?

I say it is one that is based on the principles I've outlined many times: Dignity, Justice, Community, and Peace. From those principles flow everything else.

Dignity for all, Justice fair, stable Community, Peace in life.

Whatever interferes with those four principles must be turned away.

[To be continued....]

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