Monday, October 19, 2015

Hiatus Due to Hardware Issues

It's not that there aren't matters for me to comment on. Oh, there are so many.

The problem is that the other day my laptop's battery charger bit the dust. In fact, it came apart and is no longer functional. There were about two or three hours of charge left on the battery, and once that was used up, that laptop was kaput. I ordered another charger before the battery died, but found out afterwards it would be shipped from China and would take who-knew-how-long to get here. So I ordered a backup from Los Angeles.

The one from China has been shipped. By air. The one from Los Angeles? No word. Not a peep. So, who knows when or whether either of them will arrive? Mysteries abound.

Meanwhile, Ms. Ché has let me borrow her little notebook for a few minutes or an hour before she has to go to class.

I've even taken to pencil and paper now and again lately. It's quite a feat. Remembering how to write; my penmanship sucks, too (used to be pretty good, but that was years and years ago...) Thinking of unpacking one of the typewriters...;-D


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    1. That is so cool.

      I'm not sure we have any electric typewriters any more (I don't remember) but we have several manual ones. Ms Ché has one on her desk -- she doesn't use it, but it's there "just in case"... and she's thought she might try typing an assignment for one of her creative writing classes, some of which require turning in "papers" via thumb drive.

      It's good to know that the old hardware and skills are not totally forgotten, no?