Thursday, February 25, 2016

Well Now, Here's A Thing

I cruise the  real estate listings now and again to get an idea of what "Luxury Properties" -- as well as more mundane places -- are going for in our area of New Mexico these days. We bought our place at the height of the real estate bubble after all. The crash hit New Mexico hard and things have a long way to go before there can be a recovery.

Meanwhile, the swells, the High and the Mighty, seem to have done right well for themselves here and everywhere. The luxury properties that are features of Santa Fe Living, Santa Fe Style, have mostly held their value, and many have increased substantially in value. Those who have the money to spend on these places for the most part have much more disposable income now than they had before the crash, so prices increase. Meanwhile the rest of creation wallows in increasing poverty.

Same as it ever was? Well, maybe not.

While going through some of the listings today I came upon this:

What is this you might well ask. Well, here's the listing. See for yourself.

As we wander through the convolutions of the electoral primary wars, Our Betters are preparing.

I'm told that some of the High and Mighty in Santa Fe and environs have been spending enormous sums to equip their own compounds with similar facilities -- "for when it all goes to shit." Wouldn't be surprised. Of course we don't know any of those people, so when it comes -- whatever "it" might be -- we'll have essentially nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

Actually, back when we bought this place, out in the middle of nowhere, ten years ago now, friends in California said, "Oh, so you got a place to escape to when it all goes to shit, eh?" They were only half joking.

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