Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of Year Wrap Up

We live in Interesting Times.

More later. Much to think about and much to do today.

[01/01/2017 :  Well. I didn't get to it yesterday, and it doesn't look like I'll get to it today. Too. Much. To. Do.

Nevertheless, despite all, may I wish all and sundry a sufficiently happy new year for the needs thereof... looks like we're gonna have at least one more job to do...]


  1. Che,
    I've been thinking about that line the Trump supporters use, the one about how he and his administrative picks "can't be bought" because they are already wealthy, and so having them in power is somehow a good thing.

    What a stupid thing for people to say! Of course, these guys (like Trump) can't be bought. They are the ones who have been doing the buying, not the ones who were for sale. By letting them run the place, they no longer need to pay for politicians and lobbyists to change laws in their favor. They can simply make sure the laws favor them right up front. By putting them in power, we are just saving them the money they would have otherwise spent on armies of lobbyists.

    The more I think about it, the dumber that "can't be bought" line sounds.

    These people, the ones like Trump, are the ones who want to dump fracking waste in every source of clean water in the world, the ones who want one company to own all our sources of food, the ones who want there to be zero laws protecting our commons, the number of hours we can be forced to work in a week, and where we put our money. [Etc.] It's like there was a group of armed robbers who paid for lobbyists to influence Congress to nullify any laws against invading our homes and stealing all our stuff, and we are saying, "Let the armed robbers decided what the laws are; at least they can't be bought like those other guys in Washington." It not only guarantees that the robbers will make a quick end to the laws that protect us, we're actually saving them from having to go to any trouble or spend any money to get what they were after all along.

    You already know that.

    Man, I need to go back to bed and get up in another universe.