Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saving the NeoLibCon Paradigm

So Emmanuel Macron is being hailed as the Great White Hope of the neoLibCons, saving the paradigm from the likes of the nasty and unrepentant white rightists who have been running rampant through the Euro-Anglo-American globalist Empire.


Or perhaps not.

The situation in France still seems somewhat fluid as "doubts" about Macron's mandate continue in the face of his rather thumping defeat of the white rightist candidate LePen. The problem I'm hearing most frequently is that he ran and won without traditional party support and he will have a tough, nay impossible time winning a majority in parliament, leaving him in a kind of limbo with little or no political backing.

On the other hand, there is a remarkable propaganda effort to prop him up as the savior of civilization in the face of the barbarian hordes -- such as Trump and his diminishing cohort of fanboys.

Hillary and Obama apparently are going all in trying to save the paradigm for the next generation, and I even heard Condoleeeeeeezzza Rice on the radio yesterday defending not just the appalling catastrophe of the Iraq invasion and occupation but the neoLibCon ideas behind that and so much of the disaster we've been heir to since (it seems like) forever.

These people are never right, but they are intent on bulling their way forward in their wrongness come what may.


Just great.

What did we do to deserve this?


  1. The people in France had a horrible choice, much like we did here. Or maybe a more explicit sort of comparison would be Clinton vs Bannon. Le Pen is truly a Nazi, in the old kill-all-the-outsiders and rule by dictatorship style. I got to hear quite a bit about the French election from my kid who is living there now; believe me, Le Pen is bad news.

    But nobody really likes Macron either. The elections to fill the parliamentary seats takes place in June. Perhaps the French will be able to seat enough real socialists to offset Macron's more austere and war-like intentions.

    1. The problem with European socialism, so I'm told, is that it is fully captured by the neoLibCons, more so, even, than our own political parties, and electing socialists just shoves the people further down the rathole.

      That's probably an oversimplification, but I can understand why traditional socialist parties are collapsing all over Europe and in Britain. They don't have anything better to offer. In fact they seem to take the traditional Catholic position that "suffering is good for the soul."

      Macron doesn't strike me as much more than a pretty facade to the devil's own work. I think we need to watch out for something like that emerging here post-Trump.