Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Bourbon Democrats

While I have railed plenty against Trump and the gang of thieves and mountebanks who moved into the White House with him, that does not mean I am unaware of or uninterested in the continuing failure of the fucked up Democrats to offer anything other than the bitter pill of the Status Quo to the long-suffering masses.

The Democrats are no better than the Bourbons prior to the Revolution -- or maybe no better than the Bourbon Restoration après Napoleon. They neither learn nor do they forget.

It's nuts-making.

We're dealing with a Ruling Class incapable of comprehending any misery, inconvenience or discomfort apart from their own.

Even the slaughter of the innocents overseas is incomprehensible to them, despite their constant escalation of the process of murder by every means necessary.

It's insane.

The Ruling Class includes, of course, the likes of Trump. He being an avatar of the worst of the category. Though he's largely been disempowered by the Permanent Government, he hasn't been defenestrated, and that, I think, is partly due to the fact that the constraints on his power effectively produce what the neoLibCon Ruling Class would be doing anyway but at a somewhat accelerated pace. And, bonus!, the masses are endlessly entertained in the bargain. Genius!

Democrats, of course, are eager participants in this little goon show. Of course they are. They see plenty of advantages to their own sweet selves from going along with it, even pushing the narrative this way or that. Nothing really changes all that much, you see, and so long as that is the case, Dems are sitting pretty no matter what.

The Bourbon Democrats are sticking with a simple narrative: "Trump evil, Russian interference, Putin the Devil, never-you-mind about anything else. Who is Sanders again?"

It boils down to Baroness Thatcher's rubric: "There is no alternative." TINA. There ya go.

I have never doubted that the election was manipulated to produce the result it did. Trump in response to a question about Russian interference said something I think was true. Yes, there was Russian interference, but it probably wasn't just Russian interference. There was likely other interference from other countries and (importantly) from individuals. 

He didn't say, but the upshot is that the outcome in the three states that gave him the electoral college is the key to understanding what happened. But as Jill Stein's recount effort showed, in those three states, it is impossible to verify the vote. So yes, manipulation could well have taken place and there is no way to prove or disprove it.

How convenient. And note, the Bourbon Democrats are just as happy it is so. They have never questioned the outcome in those three states. Why? Isn't it obvious? They know what happened, they have been eager participants in election manipulation -- boy howdy have they ever been! -- and they see only benefits from continuing the unverifiable electoral system we have now. They will not interfere, no way, no how, even if they lose again and again.

In other words, so long as both teams can play, they don't care.

They figure the Rabble are too stupid to understand these esoteric matters, so why should they care anyway? Right?

Another part of the narrative has to do with some mythical "whiteruralworkingclass" whatever that is.

Of course I know what this is, it's a false construct -- apparently developed by Republican consultants but eagerly adopted by Democratic ones -- to "explain" the otherwise inexplicable victory of Trump over Mrs Clinton.

How could this have happened? Welllll, it was obviously because the rural white working class voted in overwhelming numbers for Trump. Don'tchasee? The out of work coal miners and the factory workers whose jobs have been shipped to Mexico and China and yadda and yadda and yadda, all these dispossessed and dishonored rural white male voters who have been ignored all these years (by that Nigrah in the WHITE House) finally got their revenge. You see?

Except that isn't what happened at all, and the consultant class and the Ruling Class they serve know that full well. It's a false narrative pushed onto the  Rabble to keep them divided and squabbling among themselves so that the looting and oppression by those at the top can continue without interruption.

It works, too.

And the Bourbon Democrats are going along with it.

Why not? They benefit from it, too. Win or lose.

I must reiterate something I've said before: the Internet has had an objective of destroying the "Democrat" Party since it was the Intranet. The dweebs online have always had a very crabbed and often ignorant notion of how politics works in this country and what needs to be done about it. The focus has almost always been on the inadequacy, fecklessness, corruption and betrayal by the Democrats, thus: Democratic Party delenda est.

Even a hint that bad as the Democrats are (and they're terrible in their Bourbon arrogance and stupidity) the Republicans are and long have been the problem is met with derision, contempt and fear.

If any party needs to be destroyed, it's the Republicans. I suggested they be RICOed out of existence long ago.

But that's like heresy deserving of burning at the stake as far as Internet political gamers are concerned. No, only the Democrats deserve destruction and salting of the earth behind them.

My observation is that if we want to preserve the political system more or less intact, then the Radical Republicans and their reactionaries must go, and the Bourbon Democrats must become -- or re-become -- the aristocratic and conservative party they so dearly want to be. A new People's Party must then arise, as it's been trying to do for generations but has always been suppressed by co-optation and other means not pleasant.

If you don't want to preserve the system, then both parties must be consigned to the ash-heap and we start anew.That's Revolution, and we aren't ready for that. Not yet, anyway.

We need have no love for the Bourbon Democrats; they are foul and stupid and arrogant (among other things) but that should never mean taking the side of the reactionary-fascists as so many have done in defending and supporting Trump and his "disruptors."

Politics is a tough and often nasty game, no doubt. On the other hand, we must be clearheaded enough to fight for what's right, not just for what's expedient and serves the Ruling Class.


  1. I think people's hatred of the Democrats is personal, they really believed in them once and of course were betrayed, as anyone who really BELIEVES in the Dem as a force for significant positive social change, as opposed to just voting for them as being less damaging, will inevitably be.

    And so I suspect their personal feelings of betrayal have lead them to lose all objectivity pretty much. "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned" or some less sexist phrase to the same effect. Their scorning was personal.

    So whole swaths of reality get left out of their analysis, like that Dems occasionally do a mild milquetoast good and Republicans do nothing but cut wide swaths of destruction, and all this while the more basic problem is money and it's influence in politics.

    All Americans are raised with illusions, many never move beyond them, some get permanently stuck in some kind of disillusionment stage where all that matters forever and ever is that they were betrayed by Dems and if only Dems were gone everything would be wonderful, others become purely pragmatic in voting (LOTE), others become cynical and apathetic ...

  2. Dear Baffling Unknown Commenter,

    Just how did you baffle Googol's flagship Blogger? Well done, chap! You must be quite a hacker.

    I assume it is summer wherever you hail from?

    Just where is it that you hang your hat? Some place that has a different definition of cynical, sans doubt?

  3. Indeed. Ultimately my puzzlement is over the long-term internet focus on destroying the Democrats while essentially holding harmless anything the Republicans say or do.

    Of course Democrat fecklessness, corruption and betrayal are part of it, but these aspects are no less true of Republicans -- objectively, they're truer. Yet they get a pass. Why?

    Part of the rage against the Democrats is clearly orchestrated by R operatives. It's their job; it's what they do. It's the game of politics the way it's played in this country, and the fact that Ds have no effective counter to it is also part of the game.

    But still, there's something odd about the almost total focus on destroying one party while protecting the other.

    As for Bourbon Democrats, it might be worth considering that Bourbons are still reigning. The King of Spain, for example, is a Bourbon. As far as I know, he's well-regarded by "his people" as was his father before him. Europe is littered with Bourbons and Bourbon pretenders, some of whom are politically involved, some even get elected to office. In other words even after repeated revolutions and upheavals (World Wars, anyone?) the Bourbons are still there...