Thursday, September 21, 2017

Re: Ken Burns' 'The Vietnam War' -- UPDATED with link to critical analysis

No. Just no.

Many who lived through the era are boycotting it. I'm one.

No apologies. No regrets.

Just. No.


Here is a very rigorous and may I say righteous analysis of the series by the Trotsky-ites at WSWS:

Patrick Martin watched it so I didn't have to -- and his analysis is pretty much what I would have thought.

This is not the sort of documentary about the Vietnam War we need at this time.


  1. OK, and as someone who didn't live through it, I'd be grateful for reasons to boycott it.

    1. Simple, really. Ken Burns creates comforting narratives for the ruling class. It's too soon for something like that wrt Vietnam. Maybe in a hundred years. Not now.

    2. Thanks, I'm not plugged in to TV & movies and am not familiar with him. Now I know.

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