Friday, October 20, 2017

Dishonorable Marine General John Kelly is a F**king Liar

Yesterday, Gen. John Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff and a supposed "adult in the room" who brings something like sanity to the White House, gave an often moving account of the loss of  his own son under fire and of the attempt by Trump to express his condolences to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was killed in Niger early in October.

He followed his remarks about that with a calculated smear of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who he called "an empty barrel" who had "stunned" the general and the audience at the dedication of the Federal Building in Miramar, FL by claiming that she had obtained the money ($20 million) for the building by just calling up President Obama.

This was a lie. A straight out fabrication from... who knows what.

Today the Miami Sun-Sentinel produced video of her remarks at the dedication ceremony in which she repeatedly named and honored the agents for whom the building was named (she spearheaded the congressional action which enabled naming the building for them) and she had nothing but praise for the FBI and everyone who served the nation at the dedication.

See it here:

Kelly lied just like his boss lies.

The regime is spinning straight into hell.

What that means for the rest of us remains to be seen.

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