Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"The Crisis Is Upon Us"

We've been hearing this for over a year now, ever since Trump ascended the throne and before.

"Existential Crisis!!!! Run and Hide!!!! Resist!!!!! The Republic is Doomed!!!!! Russia! Russia!!! Russia!!!!" Yadda, yadda.

And  I've been thinking all this time that if the situation really is as described by the Doomsayers then surely there would be an intervention. Surely there would be.

Our government is quite adept at dealing with existential crises by any means necessary. And over the course of the current regime, we've seen plenty of instances in which this or that crisis or looming catastrophe brought on by Himself has been... handled... one way or another to mitigate the damage and effects that following the dictates from On High would have caused.

That's not to say things have been stabilized by any means. This has been a roller-coaster ride of unprecedented whipsawing and violent slides. It's wild, but I get the impression that the Overclass is so far fine with it.

If they felt any of the previous Existential Crises brought on by the regime were significant enough to do something about, they would have done it by now. That they haven't done it by now is the clearest sign I can think of that they're satisfied that Trump has been sufficiently limited in his ability to precipitate real Existential Crisis and that what he and his wrecking crew are allowed to do is essentially just what the Overclass wants done and would have done through any pretender to the throne.

Mrs Clinton would have gone about it somewhat differently, but the outcome would have been essentially the same. Maybe not so much Crisis and Chaos, but following the same path toward the same denouement.

But this time, what I see of the punditry (remember, no cable teevee in the Ché household --ever) seems to be saying "It's different." As if this were the Real Thing, we're reaching the end of the roller coaster ride, and it will be over sooner rather than later.

Skepticism is warranted. Too many people are profiting too much from keeping the ride going to shut it down now. Trump has shown that he can be rather easily hamstrung from doing what would jeopardize class and gang interests while he can be guided toward actions which enhance their interests.

The tax cut for the wealthy* was a step, not the end point, of an overall scheme to recreate "government" as the ham-fisted, jack-booted enforcer of Overclass interest. Of course, it's always had that aspect, but over the last generation or so (since Reagan), the purpose of government has been shifted almost entirely away from "public interest" toward private, pecuniary interest and enforcement of increasingly oppressive rules and laws over the Lesser People.

As has often been pointed out, the so-called tax cut actually increases tax liability for a significant percentage of the middle and lower classes. That's by design -- and it happened under Reagan, too. The Overclass simply doesn't believe it should be paying for government. Like medieval lords, they believe the Rabble should be paying them to lord it over all creation, and that all taxes should be extracted by any means necessary from the Rabble. That's the direction we've been headed for a very long time, and the tax cut is just another step.

When we examine what ICE and other agencies are actually doing we see the outline of what Our Rulers have in mind for all of us: No protection from social/political predators and despoilers at all. Unless you have the power (and money) to hire your own fixers and Guidos, tough luck, suckers.

Gangster rule.

Some people -- and it seems most People Who Matter -- are fine with it. It's what they've wanted all along. So now they're closer than ever to it. Calling it "The Crisis" may be accurate enough, but they're not planning to do anything about it. And even if there is a Dem Wave this fall, so what?

Apart from style, what would really change?

And even style may not be that different.

So despite all, I'm not seeing buy in from the Overclass that Trump has to go. He's proved his worth to them as entertainment for the masses over and over again. He's also a money-maker for them. Pence wouldn't be that. Not on a bet, and likely, if he rose to the presidency, he would have to be removed for cause. Not so much for Trump.

So let's say Trump does something really stupid and it has negative effects on the Overclass. The Crisis manifests in ways they don't like. What then? Remember, "Never let a crisis go to waste. Every crisis is an opportunity." In other words, "So what, let's make money."

And so it is likely to go.

The Crisis has been upon us for a very long time, hasn't it?

No matter what else happens, we'll still be in Crisis. Our Rulers like it like that.


  1. Trump has been a great gift to the Ayn Rand/Libertarian crowd, but also to the Democrats, who didn't object very much to the tax bill and certainly didn't object to the budget bill.

    What is really telling is how little concern there is over people like Bolton, Pompeo and Haspel coming into the administration. And the REALLY big tell that gives lie to the idea that we have two "opposing" parties is the full-throated support to bomb the fuck out of the beleagered Syria over some unproven allegations of gassing. [It's now looking like the entire event may have not even happened - reports suggest that the White Helmets "proof" were some doctored photos and there are no traces of any chemicals in the area at all.]

    1. The whole thing has a strongly surreal aspect meant to keep most of us in our cages, and it seems to be working.

      I can't say whether the "gassing" actually happened. The pictures I saw of obviously dead children foaming out the mouth suggest something happened, but when or where and who was involved is not at all clear. The White Helmets have quite a checkered reputation, and have you noticed, their videos are all essentially the same: running through dust and smoke with children in their arms. It's formula teevee.

      I've seen some chatter that whatever happened was engineered by Israel to induce Himself to attack Iran. Could be.

      In the end, though, they're all in league with one another and those touting Trump's revolution were fooling themselves.

      Hope you're prepared for what's to come...


  2. Here is a good rundown on the situation:

    God knows who can stop the nasty idiots running things once they get such ideas into their heads.

    Take care.

    1. As usual, WSWS does some of the best analysis of what's going on, and as you say, once the PTB get these things into their heads, it's almost impossible to stop the Juggernaut. Well, not until it's too late. (CF: GWB and his wrecking crew.)

      So here we are. I'd like to think that wiser heads will prevail, but clearly there aren't any among the High and Mighty. We're stuck with what we've got and that ain't good.

      Oddly, nobody wants to take responsibility for this mess...

      Makes you wonder.

      Take care yourself.