Sunday, March 2, 2008


They're going to cave. The House of Representatives is going to cave on telecom amnesty.

As mentioned here and elsewhere, the Problem the House has with the orders from the White House to provide telecom amnesty forthwith is not the orders themselves. No, the Problem is that the White House, as it did with the Senate, tried to circumvent normal procedures, and that is a big, fat No-No!

So. Like the Senate, the House has dug in its heels and refused to comply with the commands from the White House toot-sweet. Of course they will comply in the by and bye, just as the Senate did, but they will get there in their own sweet time. No tin pot dictator in the White House is going to tell them when to do something. Ha! Never!

(Except at summer break, but that's different.)

But it's not about Principle. It's not -- absolutely not -- about defending the Constitution or the Rule of Law or anything other than the House asserting its perogatives to debate and consider on its own terms.

They will cave. That's what they do, and with a more than sufficient number of Blue Dogs to align with the Rs for this measure -- as they have with so many others in the past -- when the reveal comes, it will be fast and ugly.

Ain't politics grand?

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