Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well. Isn't that the shits.

Obama took Vermont. At least there's that. That's 12 In A Row! And Hillary takes the Big States. Well, most of them. And the delagate hunt continues.

Those who are pushing the notion that one or the other of them should drop out or declare Victory are missing the point. Both of them are remarkably to the right of any form of Liberalism or Progressivism I'm aware of. Neither is likely to significantly change Bushevik policies, though either of them would mitigate some of the worst Bushevik abuses. Neither would restore the Constitution. The idea of doing so at this point is radically laughable and Left WingNutty. It's just not going to happen.

So I'm not really into either Hillary or Obama. I will grant that they represent an improvement over the Busheviks, but apart from that, I don't see much to recommend either one.

And I see nothing at all to recommend that crazy old coot, McCain.

A lot of Americans are looking at the choice before them and saying "Enh."

Got other things to do. If this is The Most Important Election In History, why do we have such.... mediocre choices?

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  1. With you all the way on this, Ché. Likewise, I'll vote for either Obama or Clinton as an improvement at the margin when compared to Bush or McCain. Given the level of reclamation ahead, it is discouraging that we have to begin to the right of anything even remotely progressive, but there it is. We'll be off to a very slow start.