Sunday, January 24, 2010

Withdrawing Trust, Changing Hope

[The party's overrrrr / It's time to call it a day / They've burst your pretty balloon / And taken the mooooooonn away ....]

We knew it was bound to happen. Sooner... or later. The bloom would be off the rose, as it were, and the ugly failed truth would be revealed.

Digby says the Palace chatterati will be calling for Obama's resignation by July, in part because of this Cute New Boy from the Commonwealth (oh, that sounds sooo good, the "wealth" part) of Massachusetts, the CosmoCutie, who Queen Sally Quinn and her Princeling Tweety Matthews have both got the hots for.

Obama's failure? He wouldn't put out.

And that's the truth. In so many ways and on so many levels.

I say they'll call for Obama's resignation by April; impeachment by July if he doesn't go on his own.

That'll leave that Delaware clown, Joe Biden, Senator MBNA, on the Throne...

Oh. Wait...

That couldn't be what the Powers That Be really have in mind. Or could it?

We haven't quite got there yet, but the signs are pointing to the Withdrawal of the Mandate of Heaven from the current reigning Emperor.

[T]ian 'Heaven' was a supernatural, ethical force seen as controlling the natural and human worlds. By the Zhou dynasty, the Emperor was called Tianzi 'Son of Heaven' and was seen as the conduit through which Earth was connected to Heaven. The morality of the Emperor was of great importance: a vicious ruler would cause Heaven to show its displeasure through earthquakes, floods and famines. Heaven gave its Mandate ming to just rulers, but withdrew it from those who proved lacking in virtue. The withdrawal of the Mandate would lead to a political upheaval ( geming , removal of the Mandate') which then resulted in the enthronement of a new, virtuous sovereign who would follow the Way of Heaven. The term geming is still used in China for 'revolution'. Link

[Note to add: Of course it happened to Kennedy, but not by Popular Will, instead through an outside agency... It happened to Johnson, too. Our luck with Presidents is not very good, come to think of it.] It happened to Nixon. Ford never had a Mandate, so it was all good for him. It happened to Carter. It almost happened to Reagan during the Iran-Contra Thing, but his doddering incompetence on the stand ultimately evoked some kind of sympathy from his subjects and he was allowed to creak through the remainder of his reign on the arm of his #1, former CIA head, George H. W. Bush. But then it would happen to Bush, as well, when his Grand War Plan came to nothing. Clinton, of course, faced the Withrawal of his Mandate to rule repeatedly, and like the Magic Dragon, he always came back. But after the Impeachment, it was essentially all over but the shouting.

Bush II? He held on as long as he could, but by the last year of his reign, most everyone thought he had already gone away; his éminence grise Deadman Cheney, ruled from his bunkers, sourly, viciously, with malice aforethought, until the end, when His Serenity, Barack Hussein Obama ascended the Throne and a New Day Dawned. Scowling and snarling from his wheelchair, Cheney looked on with unveiled contempt. He could only hold his tongue a month or so.

Once Cheney commenced sniping from the sidelines, and his venom-spewing daughter from Hades joined in from her own Hellmouth, the Handwriting on the Wall began.

It was only a matter of time.

Digression: Speaking of The Bunker, this little item popped up on dated May 18, 2009; I had no idea[r]:

Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker

Of course he was accused of Gaffing for his revelation of Classified Information by disclosing that The Undisclosed Location where Cheney was always hiding was under the Naval Observatory. Which FOX News was blaring all over creation.

But everybody knew it already, the reports of blasting at the Vice President's House at the Naval Observatory reported by the AP and even at FreeRepublic as they happened and the neighbors complained in 2002.

Good to know that Biden found out. But could it be one of the triggers for the Nasty Pair to go ballistic all over the teevee again? Who knows?


Of course, I was never sure that Obama would serve out his term in any case; there were signs early on that he was not all that intent on being President-Emperor anyway, and if the whole thing fell apart, he'd just retire to Hawaii, a very rich man, to smile and wile away the hours on the beach, working on his tan and another chapter of his continuing memoirs, enjoying the occasional shave ice.

Well, we can hope. I wish Obama no ill at all, but only that he had adopted the other path that was before him at the outset, the path that would have used the crisis of the financial catastrophe to reorder the domestic scene on behalf of the People rather than the failed Interests; the path that would have led us out of the failed Imperial adventures and assured strengthened liberation to more of the world's peoples; the path that could have kept his supporters energized and building a positive future.

Say. What happened to the Future, anyway?

Instead, he pulled the plug. It all went dark. And we got Hoover and "Sausage-making." Ew.

And now the Palace is scrambling for a "Message" that will turn the lights back on, keep hope alive, and recreate ObamaNation 2.0. It's all about the "Message". Bernays still rules... Sigh.

Too late, eh?

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