Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dissing His Base

So word gets out that Rahm called MoveOn "fucking retards" for running ads against Blue Dogs who were holding up HCR legislation in the summer of 2009. This gets in the media months later, and Bad Hair Day Sarah throws her hissy fit over the dissing of developmentally disabled people like her new son Trig, and we're all off on another round of "What She Said," and "Ain't Rahm a basterd! Fire his ass!" Sigh. As if we really needed more distractions.

Like the Big Meeting coming up on February 25, the so-called "Health Care Summit" between the White House in one corner, and Those Ornrey Republicans in the other.

Cage match to be televised live from Blair House.

Um-hum. So this is to be another of those heady Bi-Partisan Reach Arounds that the White House has patented thanks to the success of the Obama Presentation at the Republican Circle Jerk in Maryland a few weeks ago.

But wait. Why is Obama continuing to diddle the Rs and to ignore the progressive base that got him the fuck elected in the first place? What is going on here?

11ty dimensional chess again?

Or is it something else?

As far as an observer can tell, at this point, Team Obama sees only the opposition of the Republicans standing in their way. And the only way forward, as far as they can tell, is through the Republican Line, by adopting as many of the Republican "answers" as they can; in other words, by taking the Republicans with them into the Brave New Future World -- and leaving the "retards" behind.

This is what the Plan looks like from the outside, and for once in our lives, let's take things for what they appear to be rather than try to second guess the operation.

The White House and Team Obama is deliberately aligning itself with Rs so as to form a Coalition of Power in opposition to the Democrats' base, which -- apparently -- is to be disposed of in the nearest Dumpster®.

How the Hell did this happen, and what are we going to do about it?


  1. Neat picture of Guevara. He's the guy that put a .357 bullet in my father-in-law's forehead. A real hero to you gangster fans.

  2. Sorry to hear that.

    Cuba was a haven full of gangsters and there are still plenty enough of them to make life miserable for the rest of humanity.

    If your father-in-law was one of them...