Sunday, February 14, 2010

OUTRAGE DU JOUR® -- No Tents for Haiti

Good God in Heaven, what is the matter with these people?

Today it is being widely reported that Haitian Relief Agencies have decided that the hundreds of thousands of homeless households in Haiti following the earthquake shall not receive tents as temporary shelter. No, instead, if they are lucky, each displaced household will receive one, count it, one tarp. If they are lucky.

Many of the aid agencies, especially the big ones, have made a mockery of the very idea of disaster assistance with their near total failure to provide any such thing to survivors of the Haitian earthquake that took place over a month ago now. They may have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for relief, but they are so terribly frightened of the Negroes and all of their VooDoo and whatnot, and they are so incapable of even speaking with the Natives to coordinate aid deliveries, and they are so fretful of "security", that hundreds of thousands of Haitians have received nothing at all from the stores and stockpiles of relief supplies piled up (and probably rotting) at the Port-Au-Prince airport, and many never will receive anything at the rate things are going.

Now, word goes out that the survivors are not to receive tents as a matter of policy.

Why, you may ask?

Well, of course, "they're too big, too costly, and too inefficient, aid groups say." Isn't that special. Silly me. I should have known. "Besides, they are bulky and don't last long enough to justify their cost, the aid community has decided." Thank goodness they are thinking these things through.

Food is perishable. Water gets spilled. Health care is expensive.

Why do anything? It's inconvenient anyway. Why not just let the Haitians take care of their own selves?

But never fear:

"-By May 1, one plastic tarp will be given to each of about 250,000 displaced families." So there's that.

And then?

"-Transitional shelters of 18 square meters (194 square feet), with corrugated iron roofs, will then be built. They will have earthquake-and storm-resistant frames of timber or steel and are supposed to last for three years."


How bout a fucking tent in the meantime? And maybe some food. How about some water? Hay, maybe even some medical care? Ya think?

Jeebus Cripes on a Ritz this makes me mad.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

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