Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dignity and Justice

Dignity and Justice

I've been struck by the repeated emphasis on "dignity" and the concept of real "justice" throughout the Egyptian Uprising. The people protesting the continuation of the Mubarak Regime in Tahrir Square and elsewhere in Egypt keep going back to the basics of Dignity and Justice to explain what is going on and what they see as the most important goals of their Revolution.

And I can't for a moment argue with them.

It's impossible not to connect their straightforward demands with those of Revolutionaries throughout the Middle East, at least from the time of the Iranian Uprising against the Shah but tracing much farther back than that. They want to be masters of their own future, and they want the dignity that comes as a result of trying -- and sometimes failing -- to be in control of their own fate.

"Dignity", what a concept.

"Justice". Who would have thought.

These are concepts we could probably do well to relearn here. After The Game, of course.

Go Cheeseheads.

Or something.

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