Thursday, February 17, 2011


One of the constantly repeated mantras of Our Overclass has been to call on "uncertainty" to explain everything -- including all their many crimes and abuses. "Uncertainty" is asserted as the reason for lack of lending by the banks, for the continuing high unemployment rate, for the stockpiling of enormous amounts of cash by obscenely profitable corporations, for the "necessity" of continuing to pay vast bonuses to the very individuals who crashed the economy several years ago, for the failure of foreclosure prevention programs, for the requirement by the Overclass that the plebes and proles be forced to pay for all the many programs under way to prop up the High and the Mighty, and to see social programs on behalf of the Underclass wither and die.

"Uncertainty" is said to be the underlying reason for the many known and unknown Imperial wars the United States is engaged in, for the rendering, disappearing and torturing of terrorism suspects, for the continued operation of the nation's many gulags at home and abroad, including Guantanamo, for the failure of courts to intervene in the ongoing assault by the Overclass on the political and civil rights and liberties of the American People.

"Uncertainty" rules. Everything.

But ask yourself. Are you ever "certain" of anything? Do you ever take a risk of any kind? If you don't, why not? And if you do, how have you survived?

The corporate (and general Rightist) fear of and invocation of "uncertainty" has become very nearly a religious experience for them. By invoking it as the primary cause of all the problems they -- and we -- face, they are essentially setting up a Golden Calf, an idol to worship.

There will be consequences. If they understood the uncertainty principle... ah, but the key is that they do not and cannot.

And that, my friends, is an opportunity for everyone else.

Thus, we might say, the uprisings we're seeing more and more of, and the complete inability of the High and the Mighty to control, or even predict, the outcome.



Don't even need a tinfoil hat for this one... ;-)

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