Saturday, September 10, 2011

On the Road Again

Heading back to California later today -- a two day trip. My schedule this time means I'll miss Willie Nelson up at the Santa Fe Opera on the 17th. But then I missed Willie and the Wheel at the Route 66 Casino a couple of years back. Had to leave the day they were arriving.

But then scheduling conflicts have made it impossible for me to see Asleep At the Wheel's "Ride With Bob" show they've taken to Ruidoso a couple of times now.

Can you tell I'm kind of partial to Western Swing?



Adding a little something:

This is Dolly Parton introducing Merle Haggard and The Texas Playboys on her show sometime in 1976. Much as I like Asleep at the Wheel, you can tell that the real Texas Playboys are just incredible musicians.

Seems like everybody who has commented on this video has their own Bob Wills story. Everybody knew him or knew members of his band -- or just as likely, was related to them. Everybody grew up with Bob Wills' music. Me, too. I knew and worked with Tiny Moore's daughter, went swimming as a kid at the pool at Bob Wills' resort Wills Point, my mother went out there dancing all the time when she was still a young thing and Billy Jack was playing or -- as happened now and then -- Bob Wills himself would show up for a night or two of music making.

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