Friday, September 30, 2011

So Many People

Liberty Plaza is overflowing with people at the moment. Jammed. A huge sign appears behind the speakers' rostrum: "Occupy Everything" but there are so many people, so many union representatives, so many media, so much energy, so much noise, it's hard to make out just what has happened there.

My heart soars.

There are so many people that the speakers' words have to be repeated first by the crowd nearby, then by the crowd further out so that everyone can hear. What had been a quirk and an iconic action has become a necessity. And still they say they can't hear!

It's become so... anarchic(?) that some are suggesting just go ahead and use megaphones. (Actually, there is a non-amplified one in use.) As the BART protesters liked to say: "You can't kill us all."

They are trying to organize a march to Wall Street (a couple of blocks away); it's not easy. There are so many people and communications are inadequate for this size gathering, yet they're figuring out a way.

The Livestream, of course, is acting up. But check it out.

We are witness to history.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

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