Monday, March 19, 2012

Video of NYPD Vandalizing Glass Door Using Detainee's Head

Starting about 3:38 in the video above, NYPD ScooterCops use the head of a man [said to be one of the OWS street medics] they are detaining as a battering ram to break a window in the door of what appears to be an apartment house [Teh google says the address: 55 E 10th St, is the Brittany Residence Hall of NYU] along the route of an OWS [splinter] march from Zuccotti/Liberty Park to Washington Square [my bad] Union Square on March 17, 2012.

There was a report that another man was grabbed from among the marchers and his head was smashed into a window along the route, breaking it, but I have not found confirmation (it may have been this incident, though the report I saw referred to it as a separate incident.) There were other reports of people being slammed into walls.

Throughout the day, NYPD had been employing their "snatch and grab" tactic of arbitrarily targeting members of the crowd for arrest. They've been doing this for months, but on Sunday, it was employed more extensively than it has been for some time.

More and more video and testimony of what went on is being posted and is showing up on searches. What happened Sunday in New York City in connection with OWS was, in all respects, a police riot.

Will even one self-proclaimed "nonviolence advocate" rend even part of their garment over it?

Somehow, I kind of doubt it...


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