Friday, March 23, 2012

"Why Can't They Be Like We Were, Perfect In Every Way...

Oh, what's the matter with kids to-day?

Let Geraldo explain it all for you:

You know you're old (in spirit, no matter your age) when you reflexively blame the victim for their own suffering or in this case demise.

It's time-honored human nature.

As is imagining that there was ever a time when young people weren't somehow outraging their elders with their ridiculous dress or behavior.

"The hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was... you cannot rehabilitate the hoodie!"

(Go back to your room abuelito. Go back to your room before you hurt yourself. [Note to self: have to work on that snarky bidness, buster; want to be accused of being ageist and racist? Cripes!])

And it just gets worse. Geraldo on KABC radio as reported by Erik Wemple.

As a counter to that nonsense, here's a beautiful video from Occupy Romania -- in which many of those on camera are wearing hoodies. Of course, they're white. So that makes it OK. Right Geraldo?


  1. "It's time-honored human nature."

    Human nature or Stockholm Syndrome?

    In our Gulag society, we all live in the big jail. Some of us just get nicer cells than others. (Well, except for the 1% of us who are wardens and their hired thugs.)

    They keep the jailhouse gangs fighting each other so we don't realize who's really turning the screws.

  2. I can't remember a time when blaming the victim wasn't routine. I feel like I've been fighting against it all my life.

    But maybe it is more about conditioning than nature.

    If so, think of the possibilities! '-)

    Those jailhouse gangs might just figure out they don't have to fight each other... hmmm...