Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Passing Incident In Oakland

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Bella Eiko recorded this incident on May 26th. Although she says that she first noticed something was going on when she was in a car driving by on the way to the Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza -- a man on the sidewalk was being beaten by police and was taken in handcuffs to one of the police cars on the scene, she didn't start recording until she got out of the car she was in, so none of the police brutality or the arrest she witnessed is shown.

What she does show is fascinating, though. Through attitude and threats, both real and implied (note the female cop keeps reaching for her taser), the police in this incident demonstrate over and over why so many of the people of Oakland despise them as a violent and unaccountable occupying force.

On the other hand, note that at least some of the people of Oakland are not afraid of these goons.

Meanwhile, Chris Moreland was released, after spending three days in jail on bogus charges of battery on a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon for this incident:

The video is long, starts with the lies if Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan at a community meeting called to answer questions about the shooting death of Alan Blueford. Jordan is confronted by the people assembled, one of whom is Chris Moreland, one of the more outspoken participants in Occupy Oakland.

Moreland continues to challenge the Lies of Howard Jordan with his bullhorn as Jordan gets into his car in the parking lot, smirking at the crowd and the tumult in his wake as is his way, and drives off. Other police officers are challenged by others in the crowd; there is no physical assault by those challenging the police whatsoever.

As the crowd disperses, Chris and a few of his friends head on foot to a nearby BART transit station where they are to be picked up by other friends. At that point, officers arrive in police cars and arrest Moreland on the bogus charges previously mentioned, which lead to bail being set at $105,000, which in turn leads to Moreland being held at Santa Rita Jail until arraignment, at which time, not surprisingly, the charges are reduced to "disturbing the peace," and Chris is freed on $2,500 bond.

This sort of thing goes on all the time, and not just in Oakland.

hotflashcarol has more about this incident and about Alan Blueford.

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