Thursday, July 5, 2012

From the AntiFa Trenches, c.1938

Spainish Anti-Fascist Poster, CNT Malaga Archives.

Excerpt from "The Peril of Fascism," Magil and Stevens, International Publishers, 1938:

...when capitalism enters the stage of decay, the most reactionary sections of the ruling class turn to fascism in an effort to perpetuate by open force their rule over a rebellious people. But even fascism, with all its terror, cannot exist without some mass support. The financial oligarchs could not long maintain themselves in power if they had no popular base whatever. Nor are the megalomaniacs, the adventurers, the criminals and the pimps who constitute fascism's praetorian guard, sufficient. Fascism needs a wider popular base to carry through its task. This it finds to a limited to a limited extent among small pauperized and demoralized sections of the working class misled by reactionary demagogy; and to a far greater extent in the ranks of the middle class -- that vast mass which stands between the working class and the capitalist class.
 These middle strata of the population, ground down by finance capital, their businesses ruined, their savings robbed, their small homes taken away, desperately seek some avenue of escape from their misery and insecurity. They hate the monopolies that oppress them, but for the most part, hesitate to ally themselves with the workers in a struggle against their common oppressors. Instead they tend to formulate "independent" programs, to embark on "independent" actions. But because their economic position does not give them sufficient economic power and cohesion, these attempts at "independence" are doomed to frustration and only lead to an aimless floundering course between the two great forces in society, the working class and the financial oligarchs. In its vain efforts to follow an "independent" course, the middle class, or a large section of it, becomes prey to fascist demagogues who glibly promise liberty from the tyranny of monopolies. 

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