Monday, July 23, 2012

Your Police State In Action

It's been a busy summer so far.

There was the Art Walk police riot in Los Angeles on the 12th of July.




There was the police attack on pool users in Brooklyn on the 17th of July

There was the police riot in Anaheim on the 21st.



The OC Register actually has a fairly decently reported story on what happened -- and is happening -- in Anaheim wrt the incident on Saturday. This is in stark contrast to the LA Times which I will not link to because its story is appallingly badly reported. Worse is the CBS News story that Digby links to.

There was the police assault on anti-capitalist marchers in Rochester, NY, on July 20.
[The police assault is at the end of the video.]

Video streaming by Ustream

That leaves a lot out, but it gives an idea of how common police brutality and police riots really are in this country. Until recently, of course, these sorts of things were pretty much confined to communities of color where police brutality and murder of citizens has been commonplace for generations. But Occupy brought the issue into the spotlight by helping the po-po to demonstrate over and over again that the use of force is now routine practice in any circumstance they choose, particularly when obedience isn't instantly forthcoming.

We haven't even reached high summer yet. The political conventions are yet to come.

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