Saturday, February 16, 2013

False Statements

Isn't it something that the SBSD and the LAPD can issue a tissue of lies, a veritable festival of them when it comes to it, regarding Dorner and his last few hours -- and get away with it, while Dorner himself quite likely told the truth about misconduct he witnessed within the LAPD and got his ass fired for it, his life ruined and finally ended, in one of the most gruesome and yet inevitable endings we've seen since Waco.

It's pretty much the definition of the era we live in.

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  1. I think people who are likely to form their own opinions have formed their opinion independently of the mainstream media, the know the LAPD is lying, but sadly also know that if Rodney King et al didn't change anything, nothing will.

    Then there's the portion of the population who would have justified it if Dorner had been dragged from the cabin by the police, hat a tire soaked with gasoline placed around his neck and set ablaze. They'll be satisfied with whatever the cops said, and would love to answer with a "Sig Heil," if it weren't out of fashion.

    Oh, and finally the portion of the population who studiously avoid the horror show that we call the news, who will be at a loss if Dorner's name ever comes up as a question on Jeopardy... fortunately it probably won't as Jeopardy knows their audience. (a fairly large portion of the population and I don't blame them)