Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Dorner Legend Continues -- Live Coverage From The Scene

Been watching (on line) the live coverage (video above at least for as long as this continues) on KTVU KCBS channel 2 news in Los Angeles  of police surrounding  someone who is believed to be Chris Dorner in a house above Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino County. Interesting. (KTVU is channel 2 in Oakland)

There are reports of carjacking, hostage taking, shoot outs, wounded officers, perp holed up in a vacation cabin (it's quite a large house on the screen), no communications, police holding press conferences urging Dorner to surrender, schools locked down, no confirmation that the perp holed up is actually Dorner, friends of hostages interviewed, hopes that this "ends without further bloodshed," speculation (and excitement) over what might make the police "take him out."

Now there's a kind of breathless speculation that Dorner was holed up at 1236 Clubview Dr all the time, directly across the street from the media center established when the burnt out truck was found the other day.

They're saying, "It's like it's a tragic movie."

Yes. Well.

UPDATE: Tear gas fired. Dorner hideout now engulfed in flames.  No attempt at fire suppression. Officers surrounding house with guns aimed at the burning house. We have seen this movie before...