Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Strangely, the Election News From Yesterday Is All About Christie

And nothing else.

Well, other results are mentioned between the Christie Hagiographies, but it seems to me he's hardly all that in a global sense, and  the obsessive media focus on his victory in a gubernatorial election in New Jersey, while pretty much ignoring the greater margin by which de Blasio won the mayoralty of New York just across the river, after decades of imperious rule by fiat from the financial above, is remarkable.

What makes them focus so heavily (in a manner of speaking) on Christie?

Of course, he is supposed to go toe to toe with Hillary in '16 to put the finish to the Clinton experiment in excess, right? Something like that.

At any rate, Christie is a whacked out bully if you ask me, able to secure political position because he's willing and eager to bull his way through -- and he seems pretty skilled at it. Trouble is, that kind of thing can only get you so far, and ultimately it will come a cropper.

If I were Christie -- thank the stars I'm not -- I wouldn't want this sort of media worship of the ground he walks on.

It generally comes to no good end.

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