Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Israel - Iran - PalestineThing

Israel's government is apparently having a nervous breakdown -- one of many it's had over the years -- due to the US government's insistence on negotiating some sort of rapprochement with Iran's government over the Iranian nuclear energy program.

This has led to a deep division between Washington and Jerusalem, one that observers say is unprecedented.

And then come chastisements of Jerusalem from DC over the continuing provocations from the Israelis over settlements in the Occupied Territories of Palestine.

Harrumph says Jerusalem, harrumph on the lot of you.

Yes, well.

We'll see if there is a sustained breach between the capitals; I for one don't think there will be one, but you never know. Things one thought impossible are routine in Washington - Jerusalem relations (or should we say Washington - Tel Aviv relations, since Washington, like every other nation on the face of the earth, refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish State's capital, regardless of the will of the Israeli government.)

Israel's government wants war with Iran and no peace with the Palestinians, and it appears they won't rest until they achieve their objectives. The problem seems to be that the Israelis are afraid the Iranians already have nuclear weapons (could be), and the Palestinian Question keeps getting them into more and more trouble with their American partners.

What, one may ask, are they to do?

They're having a nervous breakdown, and that seems to be their preferred resolution to this and so many other self-created problems . Meanwhile Washington has its own problems to deal with.

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