Monday, July 21, 2014

Playing Rough in the Abattoirs

The summer slaughter season seems to be just revving up if the news out of the various global abattoirs is any indication. Yesterday's slaughter and destruction in Gaza seems merely a warmup for what is to come in that corner of creation, and the saber rattling over the Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine is looking more and more like the prelude to a military attack on Russia. Even a light tap could have immense repercussions.

Is this 2014 or 1914?

Has no one learned anything?

Or is this merely the playing out of the "Creative Destruction" and "Chaos for Change" theory so beloved of post modern economics and the rump nations states that exist to serve financial and economic elites?

Those who love to blame the victims for their dire situation and fate are having a field day.

For the record, Chris Floyd has been writing up a storm on these topics over at his place. Check it out.

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