Thursday, January 1, 2015

Demands and Propaganda

Ferguson Action Demands — aqui
New York Justice League Demands — aqui
#BlackLivesMatter National Demands– aqui
Occupy the Police St. Louis Demands — aqui
Propaganda — 2015 Year of Resistance 

I’m sure there are more lists of demands and much more propaganda, but I’m holding on to these lists and the image of stopped traffic on (I believe it is) I-80 outside Berkeley CA for posterity.

We’ll see how much gets done.

The thing is, of course, that Power concedes nothing without a demand, and Power will concede only insofar as it must to shut the loudmouths and troublemakers up.

Power will use every trick in the book to neutralize troublemakers and loudmouths who won’t shut up.

This movement is in for the long haul — it’s been going for months already, and there’s no sign of backing down or shutting shop. It has become more and more integral to oppressed communities, and by being creatively disruptive it’s caused a lot of people to wake up and recognize that there is a problem with police violence — and maybe somebody should do something about it.

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