Thursday, January 8, 2015


As everyone in the whole wide world knows, several police officers have been shot and some have been killed in the past few days, their deaths attributed by police unions and political interests with protests against police violence or with Muslim terrorist-extremists.

The narrative is set in concrete, and interestingly, it's been playing out with almost clockwork regularity around the country and abroad.

When police get wounded or killed it's a huge story -- in part because it is so very rare. Police unions would have you believe that they are shot at and killed, or assaulted and injured by "thugs" every day, and it's just not true. Police work is not especially dangerous at all, and the number of police killed in the line of duty is at nearly an all-time low.

Yet police would have you believe otherwise.

Interestingly, too, the latest rash of police getting shot -- and a few killed -- has had a suprising upshot (so to speak.) The man who killed the officers in Brooklyn was black and they say he shot and killed himself in a nearby subway station after killing the cops. There will be no apprehension or trial, the man is dead.

A cop was shot and wounded in Albuquerque the other day, and the shooter got away on foot after being shot at eight times by the wounded officer. The video from the officer's body cam was dramatic to say the least.

An APB went out to be on the lookout for a skinny white or light-skinned Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s, and a couple of days later a suspect was apprehended staggering around not too far from where the officer was shot. He was taken into custody without incident.

Two plainclothes officers were shot while investigating a robbery in progress in the Bronx, New York the other day; three suspects, all Hispanic were sought. One was apprehended without incident.

In Paris, two officers were shot and killed by "Muslim terrorist-extremists" and the three gunmen got away. One turned himself in the next day without incident.

Amazing. Think about it. In these incidents, four officers were killed and three were wounded. One suspect is dead, they say by his own hand. Three suspects have been apprehended without incident; three or four are still at large.

Yet all over the country unarmed and/or non-threatening individuals suspected of no crime are routinely --statistically on a daily basis -- shot and killed by police.

It's truly insane.

Somehow, non-blacks suspected of killing or wounding police officers can be apprehended, even put on trial, whereas blacks doing nothing illegal (John Crawford III, Tamir Rice, among so many, many others) are shot on sight or shot while trying to comply with officers commands.

Police are apparently so hopped up on steroids and so terrified of blacks they kill them on sight, simply because there might be a threat.

All lives matter except black lives in today's police culture.

That's the issue protests are addressing.

That's the issue public policy makers and police refuse to acknowledge.

That's why protest must continue.

When it's as obvious has it has been lately that killings by police are not necessary, even in cases where officers have been killed or wounded, and so many of the victims of police killings are black men who are essentially shot on sight, everyone needs to pay attention and insist on change.

There is no alternative.

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