Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Did Obama go after the Blogosphere tonight?

And is this turning into a coordinated attack -- because of the FISA OUTRAGE!!!®?

I was listening to the NewsHour interview with Barack Obama this afternoon, and Gwen asked him about the negative reaction among some of his supporters to his advocacy of faith-based initiatives and programs, and he said something I thought was very curious (as I recall it, but I'll check the transcript when it's up):

Raised hackles among some of the blogosphere?

Jim Webb has dissed bloggers, and Harold Ford has suggested that "liberal groups" (and MoveOn) aren't representative of the American People.

So far it is only here and there, a smattering of semi-denunciation of these wild-eyed left-wing bloggers, but is it a sign of things to come?

If the reaction of some Obama supporters to the New Yorker cover is any guide, we may well be surprised at how strenuous the "coordination" of Belief® is in the Obama administration, and how rigorous the line to toe.

I also noted with interest that there was no mention of FISA "reform" at all in the NewsHour interview, even though the topic at the end was his numerous apparent filip-filops.

Since that's the biggie that the Blogosphere is really pissed off about, the failure to mention it at all is an even harsher dig at the blogs.

Stay tuned....


  1. Readers are not representative of the Average American, true but still they represent what Americans All ASPIRE to .. written word will still have it's effectiveness whether Barack attempts to denounce us or not.

    Who cares if he attempts to denounce the English Language. Tilting at windmills..

  2. sorry, their effectiveness. error