Wednesday, July 2, 2008


He's getting hammered. Hard. By his Base of internet progressives primarily but not exclusively. He's been "moving to the center" -- according to the politcal CW -- and in doing so has been cutting off his most enthusiastic supporters who now say they will not contribute another dime.


This Moving to the Center is really moving to the right, becoming more and more a neo-con enabler if not a clone. It is what Democrats do, inevitably. They have to Distance Themselves from their Base or they can't be taken Seriously by the Powers That Be, and even then, they can't win for losing.

When Obama said he'd vote for the FISA "reform" measure whether or not telecom immunity was stripped from the bill, I thought he was just doing more of what he had to in order to prove to the Powers that he was a member of the club just like them and would be reliable in the interests of Empire and Autocracy.

But then he kept doing things, such as approving Scalia-made SCOTUS decisions, supporting Bush-Dog Democrats, repudiating Wesley Clark's comments regarding McCain, condemning, dissing protestors from days of yore, adopting more right wing rhetoric and cant, and promising to expand the Bushevik "faith-based" initiative, while protecting wealth and privilege. And all the time, these actions and more were being furiously spun by Obamabots as nothing to worry about, just the way things are in Politics, get used to it, no harm no foul, quit whining, etc.

No. This is simply wrong.

That's a word that's simply not used enough on our side of the aisle.


There's a fear that passing judgement on the action of one politician might lead to judgement being applied to all politicians, and who would want that? So Dems, as a rule, never judge another's actions. They may disagree, but to call it "wrong"? No. Too rude by half.

Yet what Obama has done is WRONG, no matter the spinning of his flacks and toadies, sychophants and fanboys. Even if this is "who he really is and has always been." Many of us know that, knew it all along, yet to see him behave this way, so transparently, is still a shock.

I understand he's walked back some of his earlier denunciation of Gen. Clark's comments, but if the Rev Wright affair is any guide, Clark will speak out again sometime, and Obama will have to issue a full throated and complete denunciation of Clark (and of course take him off any short list for the VP slot or a cabinet position, which is the whole point of the OUTRAGE~!® against what he said anyway. The Busheviks are askeert of someone like Clark in a Democratic administration.)

He is to be the Right's Bitch, just like most other Democrats. He seems to be willing enough.

Which led me to conclude he's actually throwing the game, right before our eyes. He has no intention of winning in November, he'll do whatever it takes to hand the baton to McCain, and he'll go back to the Senate a happy man. No doubt showered with many rewards. There was even a moment when I thought he wasn't even going to get the nomination.

This is not Politics as Usual. This is Post-Modern Politics, where little or nothing is as it seems, and pols and their consultants and handlers are horsetrading the nation without the consent of -- or even the knowledge of -- the People.

Many Obama supporters are claiming that their man is making brilliant plays in order to win and overwhelming victory. It's nothing of the kind. It is transparent submission.

He's given up.

Well, maybe I'm wrong. It remains to be seen.

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