Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long Time Gone

Several posts got started during this summer hiatus, but they still languish unfinished like so much else in our lives and our land. Like the houses that stand forlorn and half-complete up and down California, the spanking new neighborhoods blasted by foreclosure, bankruptcy and fraud.

Or like the career of the Dixie Chicks, their rise never really complete because it was blasted by the ignorant and the fools and the go-alongs, the get-alongs, the fearful and the frantic. I have seen them a couple of times and have felt they would never want for any work at all, way too much talent to be shunted to the sidelines, and yet... Too often in Modern America the best and the brightest are pushed away, pushed out, forgotten, forlorn.

I've been very impressed with Obama's Progress -- almost a Royal Progress -- through the lands benighted and enlightened this last week or so. He certainly makes a brilliant appearance, and the contrast between his openness, good humor and energy (they called it "vigor" or "vigah" back in JFK's day) and the crabbed snottiness and utter lonliness of Bush's ventures abroad could not be more acute. And yet, as he made his way from one stop to the next, it seemed like he was turning in to a Bushevik, right before our eyes, offering very little in the end that wasn't already part of the Beltway Palace Program. Actually, the Palace and the Camp Obama have been assimilating one another for some time. So much so, it's hard to find points of major difference any more. His nemisis and rival, Princess "Scarlett" McCain, even adopted his "16 Month Withdrawal" timetable, but it's a "withdrawal" so frought with caveats and leave-behinds and force protections and so forth, it quite obviously is intended to perpetuate the occupation of Restive Mesopotamia into the very long-term future.

No, the primary difference between Bushevisim and Obamism at this point is that crucial matter of Personality.

Nothing wrong with that. And yet obviously we're now dealing with a status quo candidate, not a "Change" candidate at all. Status quo at least in the context of our Imperial adventures and conquests, the irrelevance of the Constitution and so on. The Important and Serious Matters that maintain American hegemony. You see.

Obama is running for King-Emperor. Republic? Presidency? Hah. Old Fashioned. Get with the New Modern Program! Forward!

Once under way, it's very hard to stop this sort of "change". It may wear itself out in time, in fact, it probably will, sooner rather than later, as the economic situation in this country deteriorates further and the security situation of our overseas empire fails to improve. Just as the Soviet Union was undermined and brought down by this sort of internal and external bleeding, so might America's latter day experiment in Empire. The World would just as soon have it so. Our hegemony, at least under the lash of Bush and Cheney, has been a global nightmare and horror.

But there is so much left unfinished, so much still to do. We have so far to go. Still.

Don't we?

Listen to Glenn Greenwald's interview with Daniel Ellsberg on Salon Radio. If you were around back in the day when Ellsberg did something very brave, lots of memories will be jogged. If you weren't around back then, his story should curl your hair. His question: Why isn't there anyone in government now -- ANYONE -- who will do the equivalent today of what he did then? What has happened?

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  1. I look forward you every thing you say, sir, as you are one of the few honest, down to earth bloggers I have found on the internet - that actually says this stuff. Everyone else seems to inhabit some kind of beautiful dream world.. I wish I knew how or where exactly so I could go too (I'm being facetious, I think), so I could go there too sometimes, but then again, I - like you say think this all looks like a RERUN, like some kind of fairy tale for adults in arrested development or like a bad movie that's been caught on a loop of constant re-running.. Where will it end. Sadly the Mesopotamian Holocaust seems to continue unabated with few doves who are willing to fight back, and I too find this rather perplexing. (Perhaps it really is a 'color of language' thing - where Obama is secretly on our side.. but I don't know.. the caveat emptor warning is not lost on me at any rate. B.t.w. - not everyone shunned the Dixie Chicks.. I went out and bought all of their albums one they came out as doves (and I'm not the biggest C&W fan, but hey - if it's truly ANTI-Bush/war then man, it's got my financial support, damn it.)

    Thank you for your regular and honest appraisals of the situation. I was wondering if it was just me being a dour cynic again.. But I think you tend to be a little less impressionable than I - so I as I say, appreciate your take immensely. Barack's Trip: At times he would make a speech that would lift me three feet off of the ground.. with relief thinking he finally 'gotten' it, only to find the very next day that he was back to some version of warmongering lite (in posture or actual, I cannot tell) so who knows (not I) where this man stands really?

    I don't know, and fear the worst as you say.. More little Machiavellian Princesses and their magic pony BS, is yes, what it all appears to be (and the old saying.. if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.. it's a duck, I think bears it out, unfortunately). What is this "change" equals "status-quo" garbage anyway (like you mention) ?? "war" is "peace" "Freedom" is "Slavery" "Occupation" is "Freedom Fighting" so on.. All very Ugly American and reaganomical it seems, dog gone it. Orwell seems to have become revered as some sort of master architect for the future of "Democracies", rather than the seer and the prophetic wisdom and agent for changing for the future and reclaiming our government from the hands of those Would be Emperors and Kings of our day. I too long for the return of plain speaking honesty and forthright leadership. When? When will Obama realize that he already has a big fat mandate already for the "Change" he so glibly sold us not too very many months ago? He needn't capitulate. I say he must make a stand or he will lose. Other say he must play it safe ride the path of least resistance.. play along with the militarists., etc., etc.,


    I don't know if Obama's been absorbed into the borg' collective yet or not. I hope not? I'm still hoping against hope but I - like you - am racked with doubts and downright dismay (anger, fear, etc.).

    I guess our job is to just keep saying the truth over and over again.. no matter how unpopular it makes us or how deaf the ears are of the people around us or how little anyone wants to hear about the 'truth' right now (and would rather discuss Batman.. something, anything else at this point - please they seem to be saying - we are tired and..). Perhaps as some have pointed out this militarization and corporatization is already complete and we have a more uphill battle than we ever realized.. That they plan to win whether it is by fiat or by black box robo-vote, or by a massive propaganda campaign paid for with our own tax-dollars (their current strategy) (most likely a combo, it seems of all three, unfortunately for us). Honestly, I don't care what the case may be and intend to keep soldiering on regardless.. there are simply too many poor humans, men, women, children - being tortured and killed and abused to simply sit and "hope" and talk a lot about "change" while doing nothing really to put an end to the concentration camps and the torture and indiscriminate killing, etc., etc..

    God how verbose I am today.. sorry.