Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoes for Industry!

Shoes for the Deaf!

By now, everybody in the whole wide world knows that Dear Leader was assaulted by a pair of rogue shoes thrown by an Iraqi journalist at the Sacred Head of the Free World while His Leaderness declaimed from the podium about the Astonishing Success of the Surge.

The journalist tossed off some cute phrases, too, before he was wrestled to the ground and hauled away by Security:

(as reported at FDL:)

First Shoe:

This is the gift from the Irakis this is the farewell kiss you dog.

Second Shoe:

This is from the widows, the orphans and those killed in Irak

Obviously not mentally stable. Certain adjustments will no doubt be made be made.

Meanwhile, when asked about being assaulted by native shoes in Baghdad, His Extreme Eminence had this to say:

So what...?

We say we'll only have to put up with this crap for a month or so longer, a month that can't pass quickly enough for most people, but the question is why so many people in America and around the world put up with this crap at all. Of course there is a simple answer: It's a matter of Power. When someone like Bush has the Power to annihilate most of Creation and appears to be just itching to use that Power on anyone and everyone who gets in his way, it's understandable that most people will let him get away with it. Stand aside. Smile while they're smoldering with rage and outrage.

The exceptions to this rule will always be few. It's human nature.

The Iraqi Shoe Thrower may have catalyzed something, though.

The realization that for all his Power, Bush has been a real weakling throughout his tenure on the Throne. He's been played for a fool over and over again, used as a puppet by Cheney and all kinds of nefarious "interests" -- not just the Neo-Conmen, but very prominently by them -- and will leave office with little but economic, political, and material wreckage to show for his term in the White House. Quite an accomplishment.

Throwing shoes may lift the spirit for the moment, but the Legacy of Bush and his cronies will be a tough one to overcome.

Therefore, an episode of Nick Danger, Third Eye is definitely called for:

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