Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taking Stock of the One Party State

As everybody knows by now, the selection of Rick Warren, High Priest of the Saddleback Churches in Southern California, to invoke Divine Blessing on the Inauguration of Barack Obama has caused something of a schism in "Progressive" ranks primarily due to Warren's repeated and unrepented dismissal of gay folk as sinners and the equivalents of pedophiles and miscegenists. Well I never.

Of course then he denies it.

And the Team Obama basically says what they always do when some issue or individual gets the peripheral members of the team all riled up: "That's OK. We're bringing people together. You can get on board or get off the bus. Whatever."

Which sort of puts hissy-throwing off the list of Appropriate Actions.

More often than not, the hissy-throwers find some other target for their ire, Team Obama goes on with its business -- that of reconstituting the State -- and that as they say is that.

Reconstituting the State, yes, but also Redeeming it.

Throughout the two long years of the Obama campaign for the Presidency, the theme of Redemption was strong, sometimes overwhelming. It's ironic because the Bush Regime was supposed to be "Redemption" for the religiously catasrophic Clinton Era.

Redemptionists see the American Presidency as the equivalent of the rule of a Biblical Priest-King. Priest-Kings must be morally stainless and blameless, and of course, Bill Clinton failed that test spectacularly. Ergo, the Nation had to be Redeemed from the Stain and the Sin of the Clintons, Redemption that was thought to have come with the Divine Selection of George W. Bush to be President.

Things big and small started going wrong from the outset of this Selection (hardly Divine), and the 9/11 attacks merely confirmed the Divine Displeasure with the Nation's Sinfulness (as made clear by America's Former Preachers, the Late Rev. Fallwell and the still Present Rev Robertson. It was Divine Judgement for the Sins of Abortion and Homosexuality that brought Retribution in the form of airplanes used as fuel-air bombs to destroy The Twin Towers. Yes it was. The High Priests at the Temple said so.

The Bushevik wars were then supposed to Redeem the Nation, only soon enough it was clear that the wars were simply going to make things worse. We learned very early on of atrocities committed in Afghanistan by our supposed allies, sometimes with American forces looking on or even participating. We learned early on of the lies and deceptions used throughout the Afghanistan campaign. Redemptionists set those things aside in the hope that over time the Annointed Ones in the White House would do the right thing according to Divine Will.

But they lied some more and decided to invade Iraq where things almost at once went from bad to horrible, as the situation stagnated into a bloody and futile mess.

Redemptionists imagined that eventually the Busheviks would get things right according to the Divine Order of Things, but somehow they never did.

In times of Tribulation, Redemptionists call out for Divine Guidance through the Annointment of Some Other King, and behold. In what's left of our faulty self-governing Republic there is a mechanism for choosing a New King, and surprisingly enough, that Mechanism "selected" Barack Obama to Redeem the Nation from its Original Sin as well as all the piled on Sins of History.

An African, well, part African, raised up By The Lord, to Rule in Majesty over Our Troubled and Broken Land.


We have all but lost our secular moorings.

And Redemption for the Great Sins of Our Nation will require adherence to Biblical Command. That will not be an easy path, but it is one that the Busheviks (being in many cases barely reformed Trotsky-ites) could not and did not take.

President-King-Emperor Obama, on the other hand, seems quite clear, and quite firm in his commitment to Redeeming this Unhappy Land. And that means that The Rev. Warren will Invoke Divine Blessing at the Annointment-Inauguration whether anyone likes it or not.

The United States is a One Party State, directed by the Divine Spirit in this reading of our history and current Unhappiness. The Divine keeps appointing failed governance over us; we are supposed to take lessons in Submission from these failed leaders and give ourselves over completely to the Divine Will.

Obama fits perfectly into the pattern.

The question then is whether we will ever return to the Enlightenment and the principles of Secular Self Government. Or will we continue blindly on our path toward Imperial Byzantine Autocracy/Theocracy, with pastors great and small determining all aspects of our lives and calling it "Divine Liberty"?

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